For Referrers

We believe in establishing working partnerships to ensure continuity of care for our patients.

As practitioners we all have one common goal, to provide a smooth journey to recovery for our patients. Our goal is to work in consultation with referrers to ensure that our patients understand their diagnosis and clinical care plan as well as the ongoing recovery journey post procedure and out into the community.

By referring patients to our practice, we endeavour to create a strong partnership with you through based upon an open line of communication at all appropriate stages of our patient’s medical journey.

We have a multidisciplinary approach to cardiovascular health, which includes working with our colleagues to address:

Sleep Apnoea

Thyroid Disease

Chronic Renal Disease

Nutrition/Metabolic Syndromes

Exercise physiology

Peripheral vascular disease

How to Refer

  • It’s very important that we receive your patient’s referral letter prior to their consultation so that a proper review can be undertaken, and any appropriate investigations can be booked ahead of time ensuring that we are fully prepared for their visit and they can have this all undertaken on the same day.

  • You can refer patients directly to our practice if they require cardiac investigations or procedures.

  • All referrals and discharge summaries can be exchanged electronically with our practice using HealthLink.